Lubbock Nightlife

“If you and your friends are overdue for some good times, plan a getaway to Lubbock!”

“The amazing live music scene in Buddy Holly’s hometown is the perfect destination for a party.”

West Texas nightlife: from live music to dueling piano bars

You’d think the joke would get old. When we were in college at Texas Tech University, every night we went out was Nate’s last in town. Even after he graduated and moved away, it was still his go-to line—and it never seemed to wear thin.

Four years later it was no longer a line, but actually the truth. Nate accepted a transfer overseas and was leaving Tuesday morning. Now spread across the country, our circle of friends decided to return to our college stomping grounds of Lubbock, Texas. Nostalgia aside, the amazing live music scene in Buddy Holly’s hometown is the perfect destination for a going away party.

Low-cost luxury

We chose to stay at a hotel in downtown Lubbock because of its proximity to nightlife. It turned out to be a great choice! Our accommodations offered affordable luxury with awesome amenities—much like Lubbock itself. My girlfriend, Lindsay, was especially impressed with the indoor pool, and I appreciated the beautiful in-room flat screen TV.


Overton Hotel & Conference Center

Live music and more

We started the evening with food and specialty beer at Cricket’s Grill & Draft House. Their whole back wall is lined with beers on tap. A great live band set the party vibe. Lindsay, Katie and Sam tried their hands at shuffleboard while the rest of us embarrassed ourselves at pool. A small group of Texas Tech seniors taught us a few trick moves. I’m still proud I landed one without scratching the table!

After a while we left the pool tables to the experts and went next door to the Local Bar and Grill. This bar had a relaxed, yet energetic atmosphere. A local band was onstage, playing catchy pop-country full of powerhouse vocals and fast-paced guitar riffs. I have no doubt this band will see skyrocketing success in the near future. After a few more upbeat crowd favorites, they slowed the pace with an original ballad.

“C’mon,” Lindsay said, “Let’s dance.”

It felt good being with everyone again, and it had been far too long since our last trip. Maybe it was the music, maybe it was the dust on my boots, maybe it was recognition of Nate’s departure—but I realized how important it is to live in the moment.

Our new Texas Tech friends waved for our attention outside. We knew they were on their way to . It sounded like fun, so we joined them and spent the rest of the night two-stepping to country hits. All I can say is: fun.

Bros doing what!?

It was after 10 the next morning when I rolled out of bed and parted the blackout curtains. Texas sunshine flooded the room. Lindsay was already up, humming a ballad from last night as she prepped for a spa day with the other girls. I sent a text to Nate, Alex and the other guys to see what they wanted to do.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the reply. They made a suggestion I’d only ever heard from my 82-year-old grandmother. I quickly responded, “Bros do not do brunch!”

I was wrong. After sinking my teeth into a flavorful breakfast street taco at The West Table, I changed my mind. The menu was ripe with signature dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. It even includes unique items such as crispy frog legs and grilled quail for those feeling a bit adventurous.

the west table


Finding unexpected harmony

That night we met back up with the girls for some authentic local barbecue at Tom and Bingo’s BBQ. Then we hit the town, downing unpretentious drinks and enjoying the camaraderie at a few more hot spots in the Depot Entertainment District. At Blue Light Live we caught an amazing show. I couldn’t believe these musicians weren’t already topping the charts. There’s nothing quite like the intimate setting of Blue Light—it felt like the musicians were playing in my own living room.


Blue Light Live

Of course, we had to hit up our old favorite dive, The Library. Forget the books, we were there to study the $2 drink specials. (Oh, how many times we’d told our parents we were at The Library…)

We ended up at Louie Louie’s Piano Bar where we saw the performers duel it out to classics like “Mustang Sally” and “Friends in Low Places.” As I watched Lindsay and our friends smiling and singing along, I recognized that experiences like this are what it’s all about. It was the perfect way to wrap up an unforgettable trip.

If you and your friends are overdue for some good times, plan your getaway to Lubbock!



From family fun to live music and cultural festivals, Lubbock’s event calendar is full of exciting activities perfect for date night or a day out on the town with family and friends.


Eat & Drink

Are you in the mood for some West Texas barbecue, tasty Mexican food, a savory steak or simply a great home-cooked meal? Lubbock’s restaurants offer visitors all of these options and much more.



Find great gifts or treat yourself at one of our many local shops.



Whether you’re in the mood to dance the night away or sit back, relax and sip on your favorite martini, Lubbock boasts an abundance of nightlife hot spots sure to fit your personality.



Rest assured there is no shortage of history and excitement in Lubbock. Discover a rock ‘n’ roll legend, the largest windmill collection in the world, historic ranch homes and much more. Lubbock attractions offer collectibles, art and memorabilia perfect for adults and kids alike.



Did you know that 80 percent of the wine grape production in Texas comes from this region? In fact, Lubbock is home to five award-winning wineries.


  • Cap*Rock Winery
  • La Diosa Cellars
  • Llano Estacado Winery
  • McPherson Cellars
  • Pheasant Ridge Winery

Arts & Culture

Art is a way of life in Lubbock. In fact, this art hub was one of the first Cultural Districts recognized by the State of Texas. We invite you to feed your creative spirit and appreciate the finer things life has to oer.



With an average of 265 days of sunshine per year, there’s no reason to stay inside during your visit to Lubbock. Relax at the golf course or at a nearby waterfront for the catch of the day. Lubbock is the ideal place for recreational activities.



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