Explore Texas Tech’s Public Art Collection

Oct 23, 2015

Explore Texas Tech’s Public Art Collection

Texas Tech has one of the most beautiful college campuses in the world. While the perfect blend of Spanish-Renaissance, modern and English-Manor architecture certainly helps, what makes this campus truly unique is the cultural experience one gets strolling through it.

Public art has the intrinsic ability to shape our consciousness, inspire ideation and create a positive attitude. Every walk to class has the potential to become a different adventure as you open your mind and experience over 60 vastly diverse works of art. This first-class collection has been named one of the top 10 university public art collections in the U.S. by Public Art Review, the leading journal in the field of public art.

While we love all the pieces that adorn Texas Tech’s campus, we wanted to highlight 10 of our favorites. You may come across a favorite of your own as you walk to find them.


The Way West – John Buck – Bronze – Gordon Hall

buck at bledsoe_300dpi+

 Fountain – Juanjo Novella – Steel – Dept. of Petroleum Engineering


The sculpture may recall oil flowing through pipes.


We are in the Business of Changing the World – Joe Barrington and Tara Conley – Steel/Bronze/Limestone – College of Business Administration


The iconic bear and bull stand alongside the trajectories created by the pipes, akin to their respective market trends.

Wind River – Deborah Butterfield – Bronze – Murray Hall


Park Place – Glenna Goodacre – Bronze – Human Sciences Building

2 ParkPlace

Red Reader – Terry Allen – Bronze – Student Union Building


Comma – Po Shu Wang – Student Union Building – Stainless Steel/Bronze

Pushing the knob attached to the sculpture, viewers can hear acoustical waves bouncing from one end to the other.

Pushing the knob attached to the sculpture, viewers can hear acoustical waves bouncing from one end to the other.

Four Faces – Michael Stutz – Bronze – Talkington Hall

Four Faces Best 04

Texas Rising – Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock – Stainless Steel/LED Lights – West Village


Untitled – Robert Bruno – Steel – Architecture Building

The pre-cursor to Bruno's mangnum opus, Steel House.

The pre-cursor to Bruno’s mangum opus, Steel House.


Enjoy your stroll through Texas Tech’s public art collection and share with us your interesting finds using #LiveLoveLubbock.

The Texas Tech University System, including campuses in Amarillo, El Paso and Angelo State allocates one percent of the estimated total of each new capital project to commission high-quality works of art.

Learn more about Texas Tech Public Art at TexasTech.edu/PublicArt and the Lubbock art scene here!