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Loving West Texas

"I just drove across my glorious West Texas from Lubbock to the Acuff Steak House, with real Texas food. A treasure. It is the King Cotton Harvest. Some of the fields are white like snow, and some are a rich brown since they have been harvested already. West Texas folks are known world wide for their friendliness and happiness...Driving the world's flatest region is spiritual with horizon to horizon sky...Texas is very special and West Texas is more special than the rest. There is a long-term rumor that God vacations here. I believe it."

Johnny Hughes November 12, 2015 1:28PM

It's All About the People

"Fields beyond the horizon in Lubbock. Beauty is in everything. I'm grateful to live in a beautiful town like Savannah, but I'm always taken back by different parts of the country and what makes the land is always the people. Lubbock, your land is rich."

Isaac Smith November 23, 2014 8:53AM

Buddy Holly Fans

"We visited last year in June 2014. My in-laws from Canada were with us, big Buddy Holly fans. The Buddy Holly Center was very nice. We love Lubbock, Texas, really wonderful area, clean, open and wish I could live there! We also went too the Silent Wings Museum...very, very interesting! We visited one of your fine restaurants, and had a huge meal of ribs. Wish I could go back today!"

Sanford Graham & Family October 29, 2015 8:40AM

Best Lil Big City

"The best lil big city in Texas."

Michael Castilleja September 6, 2014 8:59AM

Red Raiders vs. Arkansas 2014

"An old college buddy and I came back to Lubbock for a football game and to setup his daughter for her first semester at Tech. It was great to see a new generation start and share all of our memories. We had a great time and look forward to the next trip!"

David L December 30, 2014 9:01AM

Beautiful, Unique Texas Town

"Such a beautiful, quiet and unique Texas town with great arts, food, shopping and friendly people...all for less than big city costs! Can't wait to come back with another group! Thanks Lubbock!"

Gregorio Benito Palomino April 29, 2014 8:36AM

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