sound of lubbock

Talent is bursting at the seams in Lubbock,
from the West Texas Walk of Fame
to the Buddy Holly Center and beyond. 

FInd the sound

On any given night, you can follow the sounds of live bands, two-steppin’ country, rap, dubstep, Top 40 or even the 70’s cult classics right into the heartbeat of Lubbock’s nightlife, the Depot Entertainment District.

Lubbock’s music scene has a deep and resounding history. The talent hailing from Lubbock has produced some of the most influential music in America across all genres. Lubbock’s favorite son, Buddy Holly, is a rock ‘n’ roll icon whose talent and sound influenced other rock greats like The Beatles, Elvis Costello, Don McClean, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones. With every strum on a guitar and each open mic night, the young musical talent continues to develop within Lubbock. From Buddy Holly to Waylon Jennings, Mac Davis to Josh Abbott, the musicians from the Lubbock area are as diverse as they are talented.

Lubbock’s music scene provides an array of musical tastes, attractions and things to do guaranteed to please any audiofile. Whether you’re in the mood to swing, two-step or enjoy a quiet atmosphere while you eat and drink, there’s a bar or venue just right for the occasion.

About Lubbock

Best Lil Big City

The best lil big city in Texas.

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