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Jan 7, 2016

Lubbock Bucket List

Goals that go unwritten are merely wishes, and this year your No. 1 goal should be to experience more. To help you accomplish that we’ve compiled a list of ten things that we believe will guarantee a stellar year. Let us know how it goes by sharing your pictures and stories with us in the blog comments or by using #LiveLoveLubbock.

bruno house lubbock

Vogue: The Final Frontier

Hike Ransom Canyon.

It’s beautiful and there’s a lot to explore. Robert Bruno’s Steel and Stone Houses are attractions worthy of Vogue, and Buffalo Springs Lake is right around the corner if you care to take a dip.

See a Lubbock legend.

Stay on the lookout for some of the greats returning to the stage or just hanging around town. Seeing Mac Davis perform at Spirit Ranch, Natalie Maines at her West Texas Walk of Fame induction and waiting in line at Evie Mae’s Barbecue with Bobby Knight were highlights of 2015. Coming up, your best chance to see a whole host of Lubbock legends is at Terry Allen’s special performance of 1979’s Lubbock, (On Everything).

Run a 5k.

You may be saying that you’re not a runner or it doesn’t seem like your “thing,” but hear me out. Most 5ks are partnered with a great philanthropy and all are a-whole-lotta fun. Most people at these events aren’t serious athletes either. They’re just down to get colorful, muddy and dressed up to support a charity with friends. Coming up are The Color Run, Insane Inflatable Run and The Prairie Dog Town Run.

Try new food weekly.

Try somewhere new and local each week. Following our social media channels is a great way to learn about new places, but you can get a lot of cool details by checking out our Interactive Visitor’s Guide. Keep track and share with us some of your favorites.


Agave Dreams by Julian Voss-Andreae’

Take a stroll on campus.

One percent of the total cost on new Texas Tech buildings goes to funding public art on campus. With the constant growth of the Texas Tech systems, it seems like there is always a new piece to check out. We challenge you to see every piece. With over 60 you’re going to need a map. Don’t worry about getting lost; that’s half the fun! You’ll learn so much about Texas Tech while crossing this item off. Check out some of our favorite pieces.

Get festive.

From food truck festivals, to music, wine and film, Lubbock loves getting festive. Visit our calendar of events regularly to find the latest information on festivals like Drinko, JAB Fest and Flatland Film Festival. See our list of 8 Lubbock festivals.

buddy holly grave

City of Lubbock Cemetery

Visit Buddy.

For true fans of Buddy Holly, the modest granite headstone is hallowed, but not untouchable. Flowers, picks, drumsticks and many rather curious gifts are left at the stone. Buddy’s grave is a place to give your respects for Lubbock’s favorite son and find inspiration. To learn more about the life of this great, a visit to the Buddy Holly Center is a must. See Australia’s biggest Buddy Holly fan fulfill this item from his bucket list.

See the Carol of Lights.

The brightest night of the year is a 57-year-old tradition. The whole campus is lit up with Christmas lights in a beautiful display. Many first smooches and proposals have gone down here. Unlike the others on this list, the event is on a single day, but most around town consider it a can’t-miss.


Downtown Farmer’s Market

Shake a farmer’s hand.

Every Saturday morning, all summer long, you’ll have the chance to meet the people who grow your food. The average American meal travels 1,500 miles to get from the farm to your table. At the Downtown Farmer’s Market one gets to cut that distance to 50. Local ranchers, farmers, craftsman and eateries show up selling all kinds of fresh produce and goods. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have on a Saturday morning.

Watch Lubbock on the big screen


Bridges, Pine and Foster

While much of the details of Comancheria are still shrouded in secrecy, the film is sure to be one of the best of 2016 and has Lubbock, alongside other West Texas cities, as a backdrop. The heist film stars Chris Pine (Star Trek) and Ben Foster (Lone Survivor) as brothers and Jeff Bridges (The Big Lebowski) as a Texas Ranger. The movie is directed by David MacKenzie (Starred Up, 99% on Rotten Tomatoes), and written by Taylor Sheridan (Sons of Anarchy). A release date is not set, but once it is, one can expect to find it playing at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.


You think you got this? While taking our challenge, share your memories using #LiveLoveLubbock on all your social media channels. Each month we’ll be drawing a $50 gift card to a Lubbock hot spot for those that use our hashtag. If you can show us you completed our entire list, you’ll be a shoo-in.