The 3rd Annual International Arts & Culture Symposium

The 3rd Annual International Arts & Culture Symposium

February 28, 2015 @ 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm America/Chicago Timezone
Helen DeVitt Jones Auditorium and Sculpture Court
3301 4th Street
Lubbock, TX 79415

The Museum of Texas Tech University and Sowoon Arts and Heritage are pleased to present the 3rd Annual International Arts and Cultural Symposium. The Symposium’s purpose is to deepen the understanding of differences in cultural heritage in the world. This year’s theme is coming of age.

Sowoon has invited three American lecturers, one Korean lecturer and one Korean performer to its Third Annual Symposium on February 28, 2015. The Museum of Texas Tech University (TTU) will co-host this program. The theme of this Symposium is traditional coming of age ceremonies. The first lecturer will discuss Hispanic /South American/Native American coming of age.

The second lecturer will discuss an African/Ghanaian coming of age. The third lecturer will discuss Jewish coming of age. Next, the fourth lecturer and a Korean tea master will lead the performance of a Korean coming of age ceremony, assisted by five female and five male Texas Tech University students. This program will provide an opportunity for the Texas community to better understand diverse cultures and backgrounds. These lectures and performances will allow the audience to deepen its understanding of intangible heritage as cultural tradition and artistic creation. This Symposium will introduce everyone present to Hispanic and Native American rituals as well as African and Asian cultural traditions. Coming of age ceremonies are a universal rite of passage in many cultures. The age and nature of the period of transition from childhood to adulthood varies among different societies, cultures, and religions.

The Symposium will begin with welcomes by members of the sponsoring organizations, Sowoon Arts and Heritage and the Museum of Texas Tech University, as well as Dr. Sukant Misra, the Associate Vice Provost for International Affairs at Texas Tech University. Next, Dr. James Brink, Associate Professor at Texas Tech University’s Honors College, will introduce the theme of the Symposium as well as the guest lecturers and performers.

The Symposium speakers will demonstrate the similarities and differences between the coming of age ceremonies in different cultures. Father Malcolm Neyland, Associate Chaplain of the University Medical Center Pastoral Care Department, will show the influence of Hispanic traditions in South America and native America. Next Dr. Amma Akrofi, Associate Professor of Language and Literacy in Texas Tech’s College of Education will show the impact of African traditions. Next, Rabbi Hillel Katzir, former Rabbi of Temple Shalom Synagogue in Auburn, Maine, will demonstrate the impact which occurs during Jewish coming of age. Finally, Dr. Jae Hee Park, a well-known Korean philosopher, and Ms. Eun A Kim, a Korean tea master, will replicate an authentic Korean coming of age ceremony, utilizing ten Texas Tech University students.

All participating scholars have excellent reputations, not only for their performance and knowledge internationally but also for their academic achievement. These lectures about coming of age will be a rare opportunity for the Texas and American community to see and experience a high quality, world-class program.