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Nov 9, 2016
Written by:
Katherine White

Why Lubbock is the Perfect Place for Your Next Gymnastics Event

Lubbock has long been a top destination for traditional Texas pastimes like football and softball, but it is quickly gaining…

Aug 10, 2016
Written by:
Katherine White

Meet the Lubbock Sports Team

Hospitality is what West Texas is known for, and it’s what the Lubbock Sports Team echos in their work each and every…

Aug 4, 2016
Written by:
Erin Coldewey

Reasons Why Lubbock is a Top Football Town in Texas

Football season is the best time of year in a college town, but in Lubbock it’s everything. Each Saturday you can…

Jun 17, 2016
Written by:

Why Lubbock is a Top Destination for Sports Events

Fact: On average, Lubbock receives approximately 263 days of sunshine each year, and the typical commute around the city is 15…

Apr 25, 2016
Written by:

New in Lubbock – April 2016

Lubbock’s April openings will have your inner child jumping for joy. We have new spots to get a sugar rush…