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Venue Spotlight: McPherson Cellars

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Oct 1, 2015
Written by:
Erin Coldewey

Lubbock’s Top 6 Fall To-Dos

I’d like to think I love all seasons equally. I love spending my days poolside (with plenty of SPF) in…

Sep 25, 2015
Written by:

Real Time at the South Plains Fair

In case you haven’t heard, the fair is here! The Panhandle South Plains Fair is going on now through October…

Sep 18, 2015
Written by:
Erin Coldewey

Fashion Forward For Fall at J Roberts

I can’t believe that fall is about to be here in all its sweater-clad, pumpkin spice glory. It seems like…

Aug 31, 2015
Written by:

Top Things to Do in Lubbock on Game Day Weekends

If you’re planning a trip to Lubbock this fall for a Texas Tech University Red Raider football game, we want…

Oct 14, 2014
Written by:

Happy National Fossil Day

Fossils are a window into the past. They show us how ancient organisms lived and relate to each other. They…