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Foodie Favorites from A to Z – Sazon at Arrogant Texan

What happens when two amazing local Lubbock restaurants combine their popular menu items into joint dishes?

A. A full on foodie coma
B. The need to literally lick your plate clean
C. Asking for seconds, thirds and maybe even fourths
D. All of the Above

The answer for me was D for all of the above when I worked on this month’s foodie blog. The vision to combine the best of both worlds started when Lauren Spiegelberg, the co-owner of Sazon and Arrogant Texan, began playing around with the concept of serving up Latin Texas Fusion items. The result is mouthwatering deliciousness! That being said, these menu items are ONLY available at Arrogant Texan and are officially touted as Sazon at Arrogant Texan.


Sazon’s famous salsa bar, featuring Guaco Loco, Caribbean Craze, and Chipotle Ranch.

Before I share some of the new menu options, here’s a little background on both restaurants. Sazon, around since 2002, has been owned by the Spiegelberg family since 2009. The restaurant is known for serving up gourmet Mexican dishes made from scratch daily. Their salsa bar is famous around these parts featuring eight different homemade salsas. Sazon is also known for the 40 plus caricatures of local and regional celebrities (Josh Abbott, Kliff Kingsbury and Wes Welker just to name a few) that adorn its walls. In 2010, the Spiegelberg family opened Arrogant Texan. John Spiegelberg, the patriarch of the family, has always had an extreme love and passion for ice cream. Raised in Chile, where ice cream is considered a special treat, the family decided there was no better way to meet his daily craving than by opening their own ice cream joint featuring Amy’s Ice Creams. The business expanded its operations two years later by introducing its delicious barbecue.

Lauren Spiegelberg, co-owner of Sazon and Arrogant Texan.

But Lauren, John’s daughter who manages the restaurants, felt like something was missing. There just weren’t enough fusion options around town. Here’s where you have to trust me. Your taste buds will thank Lauren for choosing to mix things up. Aside from offering the fusion options at Arrogant Texan, the restaurant is also now home to Sazon’s out-of-this-world salsa bar. Sazon is also getting a makeover of sorts and will soon be more of a gourmet burger joint. However, this foodie mission was focused on Sazon at Arrogant Texan (hopefully, I haven’t lost you yet).


Brisket Nachos with Stampede White BBQ.

The first fusion menu item we tried out (Robert Rodriguez, our intern extraordinaire, tagged along with me) was the Brisket Nachos featuring Stampede White (Arrogant Texan’s original barbecue sauce), brisket, kidney beans and rice. The brisket was so tender and juicy. Each bite resulted in a sweet and spicy array of flavors.

Next up was the macaroni with pulled pork and barbecue sauce. This rich, creamy dish was my personal favorite. It can best be described as a comfort food lover’s paradise.

The final fusion dish served up to us was the spicy coleslaw. With every bite, your mouth will literally experience an assortment of flavors. Aside from the spicy/sweet combo, you will especially taste the freshness of the ingredients.

Robert put this foodie experience best, “No one should be allowed to be this good at this many things!” But our taste buds and tummies thank God the folks at Arrogant Texan are!

Cornucopia minus fork and Holly

Abundance of foodie delights to be offered on the new Sazon at Arrogant Texan menu.

Sazon at Arrogant Texan Special Offer:
Buy one entrée and receive free chips, queso and salsa when you present this printed blog at Arrogant Texan. This offer is good from now through Wednesday, April 8, 2015.

Sazon at Arrogant Texan Fast Facts:

  • Location: 1113 University Ave.
  • Phone: 806.771.9362
  • Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.  Sunday brunch coming soon!