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Mackenzie Park/Prairie Dog Town
Address: 601 Municipal Drive,
Lubbock, TX

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At 248 acres, Mackenzie Park is Lubbock’s largest recreation area and features a wide variety of fun for all ages. Tee off at the recently renovated Meadowbrook Golf Course, or for more variety, the park offers a world-class disc golf course and Joyland Amusement Park. Visit Prairie Dog Town and watch these pint-sized critters put on a show, or bring your horses and ride through incredible landscapes on the park’s equestrian trails. A new sculpture garden, the ALON/USA Fina "Crossroads of Time" features the larger-than-life sculptures of artist Steve Teeters and overlooks beautiful Mackenzie Park.


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CCC-built Structures
October 10, 2008 9:49AM

I was raised in Lubbock during my public school years (1946-1958) and spent a lot of time at Mackenzie Park. My daughter and I visited the Park this May to photograph CCC-built structures. I photographed a lot of things, but could someone direct me to a list of the structures, including such things as roads and bridges, that were built by the CCC? I noticed the swimming pool and buildings are fenced off and are deteriorating. I think they were built by the CCC. The fenced-off Nature or Education Center contains the whole-cow pit(during one of our Houston family reunions a rancher actually roasted a whole cow in this BBQ pit) and at least one other original building, and they are in good repair. My daughter did not recognize the BBQ pit as any type of BBQ apparatus. Is there anything in the works for preserving the CCC-built structures in the Park? There used to be an interesting wooden bridge with stone buttresses -- the wooden walking part of the bridge rose in a high arch. Are the buttresses still standing? Sylvia Lee

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