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Maxey Park
Address: 4007 30th Street,
Lubbock, TX
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In city of Lubbock, parks are sprinkled throughout neighborhoods. Maxey Park is one of Lubbock’s premier parks featuring the AMBUCS Hub City Playground, which also has the nickname the "bouncy playground." Opened since April 2003, the 20,000 square foot AMBUCS Hub City Playground provides integrated play/learn structures for the enjoyment of children of all ages and abilities. This nationally-recognized playground is wheelchair accessible and offers numerous bridges, slides and lookouts. Other amenities include a wheelchair accessible sandbox and swing area. Located near the medical community, the playground has been an ideal location for physical therapy sessions. The playground was designed with sun safety in mind because many children with disabilities have a limited tolerance to sun exposure. Therefore, the structures include many shaded areas. Future improvements include the construction of a new shade structure for the picnic area adjacent to the playground allowing for a more enjoyable and safe play experience at the park. The community has raised $10,000 to assist with the replacement of the shade structure, and the City of Lubbock is grateful for the many individuals who helped contribute to this fund. Also featured at this park are: Little League baseball fields, basketball court, benches, boat/canoe rental, boat ramp, fishing, Maxey Community Center, Maxey Swimming Pool (seasonal), picnic areas, playground, restrooms, snack concession area (seasonal), tree memorial and volleyball courts.


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July 7, 2012 7:01PM
maxey is the best pool you can go to not alot of people go the so there are like 30 people at the most you would enjoy it very much if you go!!!!
maxy pool
May 5, 2012 8:23AM
it is the best place on earth everyone should go there and there are diving boards it goes down to ten feet
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