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Legacy Play Village
Address: Spur 327 and Brownfield Highway
(inside McAlister Park),
Lubbock, TX
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Open Daylight hours
Pavilions available 10am-3pm and 4pm-9pm

Legacy Play Village is a unique facility where children can play while learning about the long legacy of the South Plains. The village was designed and built by the citizens of Lubbock and the surrounding area. It has three picnic pavilions that are available for rent year-round. To reserve a pavilion, call the Parks and Recreation Office at 806-775-2687.


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fun fun fun
June 6, 2012 10:22PM
I love it it is tue best park ever and the swings too!!!
information about park cleanup
February 2, 2012 11:23AM
Legacy Play Village is a unique play/learn facility which was sponsored, designed and built by the citizens of Lubbock and the surrounding area. Legacy Play Village is maintained and operated by the Friends of Legacy Play Village. The "Friends" can be reached at The Legacy Play Village has three picnic pavilions that are available for rental year-round. To reserve a pavilion, call the Parks and Recreation Office at (806) 775-2673.
Fun Day but disappointed
April 4, 2011 9:16PM
Today, we, a preschool, took our kids to play at the playvillage. It was a good morning but it was shameful to see how filthy and dirty the restrooms were. There was a foul smell as you open the door. As you walk in, there were trash all over the doorway. Sink was all stained with all kinds of who knows what. There were no soap and towels to wash our hands. All the toilets were soiled especially with blood. Trashs all around the toilets. Our kids ages 3 and 4 year olds did not want to use them. They too were disgusted. I even saw a parent not with our group have his daughter pee outside the play area instead of the restrooms. It just broke my heart. I took lots of pictures, if you would like to see them. Just email me back. I was guard the entry gate, for the kids safety. I notice there were crews cleans the fields for trash around the outside of the play village but no one cleaned the restrooms. I truly love the park but was so disappointed and it was only 11am which park opened at 10am.I figured it should be clean by open time. I understand people can be nasty toward end of day. But really at open time, we were the only one there. I cant imagine it got so dirty within the 1st. hour. I hope you guys can address this. I really feel tempted to sent my pics to news cast to be shown on TV. It was really shameful. We all need to be able to do better for our kids. I decided to next time for our kids sakes, we will be taking clorox wipes to clean the seats in bathroom. And take our own toilet papers and hand sanitizers.
RE: Question
January 1, 2011 8:27AM
You would need to contact the Parks and Rec office with the city and see if that is a possibility!
December 12, 2010 11:22AM
I know Legacy Play Village is a great place, but is it available to have airsoft gun war (with the proper equipment) at certain times there?
Good Play Area
August 8, 2009 5:20PM
Its’ a funny nice environment too have the kids run away and have fun just to stay and relax .
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