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Jun 16, 2017
Katherine White

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8 Lubbock Musicians to Hire for Your Next Event

Known for its musical heritage, thanks to rock ‘n’ roll legend Buddy Holly, Lubbock is home to many artists who draw inspiration from the wide open spaces. We’ve compiled a long, but not exhaustive, list for event planners to use when adding the tunes of West Texas to their next event.

  1. Bo Garza

Image via Bo Garza Entertainment

Bo Garza has become a household name in the “Hub City.” His music is beloved by all, with catchy originals like “Let the Red Wine Flow,” “I’m Home” and “Get Your Guns Up.”  Not only can you book him to play his music live at your event, he is also a talented DJ for hire. You can even rent equipment from him like a dance floor, special lighting and more.

Listen to Bo Garza’s music:


      2. Element

Image via Element Band

Lubbock’s Element—a six-member band with a slew of instruments from saxophones to tambourines—exudes soul and style and has garnered a huge following. They call themselves “Lubbock’s very own hometown funk band” with music that ranges from Motown to KC and the Sunshine Band.

Learn more about Element here:

      3. Gary Nix & West Texas

Image via Trickstersawpix/a.sue.yager

The Gary Nix & West Texas band are no strangers to the roads of West Texas, touring across the region by popular demand. This group has a long history together, and Gary Nix has even opened for Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings. Your group will love their catchy ballads and steel guitar sound.

Listen to music by Gary Nix & West Texas band:

     4. Harp by Rachel

Image via Harp by Rachel

Rachel Mazzucco has played Principal Harp for the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra with David Cho since 2013 and also plays for Ballet Lubbock and the Lubbock Chorale. Her elegant harp music sets a soothing and elegant tone for any occasion and is a crowd-pleasing choice for weddings, receptions, dinners and other special events.

Listen to Rachel’s harp music:


     5. Jenni Dale Lord

Image via The LBK

Jenni Dale Lord is known for her passionate lyrics which leave an impression long after her performance. She plays all over Lubbock for huge crowds and recently started working with esteemed Nashville music consultant Tim Riley. Luckily, Jenni is still available for private bookings for your next event.

Listen to Jenni Dale Lord’s music:

     6. Junior Vasquez

Image via Lubbock Cultural District

Born in Lubbock, Junior first picked up a guitar at the age of 10 and hasn’t set it down since. When he’s not performing, he’s writing and producing jingles for local businesses. You can hear him play at several popular live music venues in the “Hub City” on a regular basis, but what could be better than a private performance just for your group?

Listen to Junior Vasquez’s music:

     7. Outlier

Image via The LBK

806.543.8361 |

With Anthony Garcia on guitar and piano and Melanie Lenau on the violin, both with majestic voices, Outlier’s music stays with you long after the show. This ultra-talented duo has an impressive list of genres that they play, including classical, rock, blues, country, jazz, Spanish, Irish, folk, Western and swing. Outlier tours across the globe, but you can still book them for your private event here in Lubbock.

Listen to Outlier’s music:  |

     8. Zoë Carter

Image via The Blue Light Live

Lubbock musician Zoë Carter is a real up-and-comer in the music scene here in the “Hub City.” She plays original Americana, folk and country music with a crisp voice that’s rare to find. When Zoë’s not playing in Lubbock, she’s bouncing across the Lone Star State leaving a trail of newfound fans in her wake.

Listen to Zoë Carter’s music:

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